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Closing Real Estate Deals

Real Estate is a relationship based business and a lot of the time we are face to face with potential sellers to sign up the property to sell. Most of the time there is competition with other agents, and while commission should not be the determining factor in obtaining the contract - we all know that sometimes we need to crunch a few numbers to close the deal.

Using a real estate commission calculator is the simplest and easiest way to do that. Crayon Calculator allows users to add their own commission rates, add their branding and make quick calculations on the spot with potential sellers.

You are able to compare commission rates with your competing real estate agents and even offer discounts on your own rates if you feel like it could be the difference between securing the business or not.

To get started, simply download the crayon calculator real estate commission calculator app on apple or google play store, add your logo & colors and get started.

The real estate commission calculator is your tool to close deals.

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